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Maybe you want to move up to a queen or king size mattress. Or you are not sleeping well and realize it's time for a change. Whatever the reason, we can help.

All mattresses have fancy names and pretty covers. And they all feel great in the showroom. But prices range from too-cheap-to-believe to just ridiculous. So how can you find the right mattress for you?

You're not really looking for a new mattress...
What you want is a good night's sleep! If you aren't getting one spend a few minutes here and we'll help you figure out what you need and how to find it!

When is it time to buy a new mattress?
Does it take a long time to fall asleep? Do you wake with an achy back, sore hips or a numb arm? Is there a giant ridge down the middle of your mattress?
Worn out springs will sag, putting your spine out of alignment, creating a back ache. Not enough padding means hips and shoulders become pressure points, and you keep turning in a search for comfort. Compression of comfort layers puts you in a deep valley and leaves a mid-mattress ridge.

How do you try out a mattress? Start with the "2 Minute Test"
First, spend two minutes- by your watch- lying on your back. Relax, close your eyes and really feel the mattress. After two minutes, make an assessment. Are you comfortable? Would you like to stay put for a while longer? Then the mattress has passed its first test. But if you are you eager to change position or roll over, then it is probably not the right choice for you. Like a comfortable walking shoe a mattress should provide proper support AND cushioning. A high quality spring unit should keep your spine straight and aligned. There should be enough padding to support the small of your back and behind your knees.

If it passes the "Two Minute Test" turn to your normal sleeping position and test it for a few more minutes. The right mattress will "feel so good". Multiple layers of high quality padding will provide even comfort and reduce turning. And if you turn less often, you will sleep more deeply!

Why did my old mattress develop a deep valley where I sleep?
Fifty or sixty years ago mattresses typically had a horse hair insulator pad over the spring topped by a layer of cotton padding. It didn't develop a valley but it wasn't very comfortable.

Today there may be two to five inches of "egg crate" foam and soft fiber padding. It looks and feels great in the show room. But the egg crate quickly softens, the fibers mat up and you end up in a canyon!

So why don't factories use better quality padding?
It almost killed the auto industry: it's called Planned Obsolescence. That's when you build an item to last a short time and require replacement after a few years. American auto manufacturers did that a generation ago... until foreign competition forced them to improve quality.

In the 80's we offered bedding from the largest brand in the world. And it was a nice product that would typically last 10 to 15 years. At that time the Better Sleep Council (funded by the mattress industry) said it was wise to replace your bedding every 12 to 15 years.

But by the mid-90s the spring wire was getting thinner, the foundations were cheaper, and there was more 'fluff' in the padding. Mattresses today are about 30% lighter than they were 25 years ago. Now the Better Sleep Council suggests you replace your bedding every 5 to 7 years! That's Planned Obsolescence.

It took us 10 years
We started hunting for a company making high quality mattresses at a reasonable price. We visited a dozen factories here in New England, and even went to see one in the Bronx! After 10 years of searching we finally discovered Custom Craft Mattresses, right here in Massachusetts! This is a small family run factory that uses only high quality tempered spring units, inch thick insulator pads, high density slab foams and never uses "egg crate" or "convoluted" foam pads.

These mattresses weigh, on average, 45% more than other premium mattresses! They have more "guts" so they last longer. You get a better night's sleep, waking refreshed and are ready for the day!

So how long will these last?
Every mattress will eventually need to be replaced and no one can guarantee how long a mattress will last. But high density foam lasts longer than low density; slab foam maintains it resilience much better than convoluted foam; and heavier spring units give better support than light ones. If your mattress is less than 10 years old and already needs to be replaced, you should try our Custom Craft bedding!

They must be expensive.
Nope. With no national advertising budget or huge office staff, their prices are below the national brands! Our innerspring queen sets start at $679 and top out at $1499!

Is there a warranty?
We believe that these are the best mattresses we have ever sold. And we think that the best mattresses deserve the best warranty. So we warranty to the original purchaser that your Custom Craft mattress will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of twenty (20) years. The details are below, under 'Frequently Asked Questions'

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the common sizes of mattresses?
Twin: 39"w x 75"long
Full/double: 54"w x 75"long
Queen: 60"w x 80"long
King: 78"w x 80"long

What should I expect to spend on a decent set of bedding?
If you and a partner will sleep on a queen set every night expect to pay at least $699 for a set that might need replacing in 7 to 10 years. Spend $999 to $1499 and you will have firmer and more durable spring units and more luxurious padding. Better quality will mean a longer mattress life. Don't spend extra for premium ingredients such as wool, silk, cashmere, etc. Inside there usually there is only a "whisper" of the product. Once you get beyond $2000 for a queen set there is nothing inside that will make you sleep any better.

Do you offer a sleep trial for your premium bedding?
Yes! We only ask that you sleep on your new set for 30 nights. If you are still unhappy with the comfort we will change the firmness of your mattress. Call us for details.

Why are mattresses so much thicker today?
It's mostly due to marketing. Most mattresses look the same, so brands try to set themselves apart with visual appeal. One of these is size. A thicker mattress looks more luxurious, but it has little to do with actual comfort.

Can I buy bedding that isn't so thick?
Yes! Our mattresses are 2 to 4 inches slimmer than most. To further reduce the height we can order low profile foundations. Stop in or call us for details.

Why can't new mattresses be flipped over?
This is one change that actually does make sens....IF. When the spring units became firmer in the 70's mattresses needed extra layers of padding to make them comfortable. But the mattress's spring unit would be pushed into the bottom layers and could not give your spine the proper support. Putting a firm base beneath the spring unit allows the springs to properly support your back. This works great... IF.... the cushioning on top is of high quality and resists developing a valley where you sleep. And most brand name bedding fails miserably at this. Our Custom Craft bedding is built with the quality components necessary to resist the valleys!

Can I still get a two sided mattress?
Yes! All of our premium bedding can still be ordered as a flippable mattress if that is your preference.

I can't get a queen box spring up my stairs. What can I do?
Queen foundations available as split foundations; that is two 30" wide foundations. It costs a little extra and requires extra support. But we sell this quite often.

What do you recommend for children?
Pediatricians and chiropractors agree that young children need quality bedding, just not too firm. The spring unit designed for a 175 pound adult is probably too firm for a 40 pound child. Yet "cheap" bedding is just that. It won't last and may contribute to sleepless, and cranky, children. We offer a medium firm innerspring mattress with a plush top.

Can I get a custom size?
Yes! We can order custom sized mattresses and box springs for antique beds and special situations!

Do you sell anything besides innerspring mattresses?
Yes! We have an all foam mattress. It has a latex foam core with 3" of memory foam on top. Very luxurious!

We also have a pocketed coil mattress. It reduces the motion transfer of a restless bed partner!

What is your mattress warranty?
We believe that these are the best mattresses we have ever sold. And we think that the best mattresses deserve the best warranty. So we warranty to the original purchaser that your Custom Craft mattress will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of twenty (20) years.

• Springs will not become loose, break or lose excessive resiliency.
• Foam cushioning is the finest available and is guaranteed against excessive softening. Some softening is normal and is to be expected.
• Seams will not slip.

The small print
This warranty covers defects in mattresses only used in residential settings, and does not cover the fabric, normal wear or gradual softening. Any mattress will need to be replaced eventually, usually in less than 20 years. Mattresses must be purchased and used with a matching foundation. Queen and king size sets require a center support on the bed or frame.

If you experience a problem with your Custom Craft mattress, present your original sales slip, and we will determine whether the mattress is defective. If so, the decision to have the mattress repaired or replaced is solely ours.

TIPS for a good night's sleep!

1. Maintain a regular bed and wake time schedule including on weekends.

2. Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a hot bath and then reading a book or listening to soothing music.

3. Create a sleep-conductive environment that is dark, quiet, comfortable and cool.

4. Sleep on a comfortable supportive mattress and pillows.

5. Don't use your bedroom for work, television viewing or the computer.

6. Finish eating two to three hours before bedtime.

7. Exercise regularly. It is best to complete your routine a few hours before bedtime.

8. Avoid caffeine close to bedtime. It is found in coffee, colas, tea and chocolate.

9. Avoid nicotine near bedtime.

10. Avoid alcohol close to bedtime. It actually disrupts sleep.

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